Friday, December 7, 2007


Well, winter dumped on us this week. Cold, snow, and more snow and more cold.

My small boy has a birthday next week, and we had a little family party last weekend. Of course, I made a cake. He had originally wanted a Rocketship cake which I was familiar with, since big boy also wanted a rocketship cake for his 4th birthday. But changed his mind and wanted a chocolate cake with race cars on it. Done.

I just love the folded anticipatory hands of an almost 4 year old in the background!

There has been some knitting going on, but everything just feels really stalled right now. I'm waiting on a longer needle to finish Avast, the tangled mess is in time out. I got it untangled and wound, but I can't look at it right now. It's destiny is a hat for big boy (who has FINALLY lost his 2 front teeth!). I've finished the first of my SIL's socks, AKA the socks that never end and my other SIL brought the Classic Merino over last weekend for me to make her 2 pairs of felted clogs so I have pretty much finished the black pair of those, just need to attach the second outer sole and sew up the seam. We're having supper with them on Sunday, I think she'll be pleasantly surprised to have a pair of slippers one week after bringing me the yarn! I was a bad girl and cast on the Tangled Yoke Cardigan too, I was itching to knit something for me and my big project (Avast) is waiting, so I have done one sleeve, I'm going to like this sweater if the sleeve is any indication. So I will leave you with a couple of pics of the Sock That Never Ends and some boring black slippers. Aren't you glad you dropped in today? And I see that someone is reading, so if you are just checking me out, thanks for reading and if you keep coming back, thank you too. And let me know who you are and I'll return the favour.

Retro Rib Socks from Favorite Socks (it's so hard not to put a 'u' in there!) in Socks that Rock mediumweight Mystic Kelp

Fiber Trends Felted clogs, black Patons Classic Merino

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