Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm in a funk

I'm in a funk today. Not sure why, but I just want to knit and be left alone. That's it.

I've been surprisingly monogamous in my knitting this week. Well, not monogamous really, but only two projects for the most part. Most of my time has been spent on the Rum Running Monkeys

One is finished, and I turned the heel on the second this afternoon. I've been focusing on these because they are easy and quick and I don't need the pattern anymore. So, five foot repeats and a toe and I have another pair of socks. I really like these, I'm glad I frogged the first pattern I tried and did these instead. In addition to the Monkey's I've been trying to do at least 5 rows of Avast everyday, that takes close to an hour but, also adds almost an inch to the length. It's growing, slowly but growing.

I really need to go to Ancaster. Maybe I'll go Monday, I'll be dragging Kid Monkey's with me. Pleh, the husband just came in here and said "You're not buying yarn are you? You're cut off from yarn right now!" So maybe I won't go on Monday. Meanie.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Tuesday update

I'm cruising along. We went away with some friends (no kids!) this weekend and I got some good car knitting done with Avast. It takes me almost 10 minutes to do a row so it feels like it's taking forever, but it's almost 12 inches long now, so I'm feeling pretty good about getting it done fairly soon.

I finished one Rum Runner Monkey last night and I'm waiting for Emily to get back to me with the size of her foot, I need that crucial bit of information before I continue.

I would love to get to the yarn store in Ancaster sometime soon to pick up some Felted Tweed for the Tangled Yoke. And, more than likely, some other things too.

Mmmm. I got my squishy Yarn Pirate mail today, my shop order, still waiting on the club shipment. Look for it on Ravelry (greenerknits) sometime soon. Now, I shall Monkey.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Operation: Knit Quickly

So really, not much of anything is getting done around here. Just the necessities, food, clothing, school, and I knit when children are sleeping. Usually, I share that time between knitting and accomplishing householdy type things. Now I'm trying to knock off a couple of projects before the sock yarn arrives and the IL's start saying "How's my sock coming along?". And if I do that, then maybe I can start my TYC. Who am I kidding, I have to get at least two of those socks done before I start that. And there is going to be the quilt wrap too... Oy, what have I done.

Here is todays project, the Cable Rib Sock from Favorite socks

Monday, September 17, 2007

I've really done it this time

I have now officially over-extended myself.

The family was here for Cameron's birthday on Sunday and two SIL's and the MIL made a sock order from Blue Moon while they were here. Between the three of them they ordered 5 hanks of yarn, the $20 shipping cost is much more tolerable for 5 hanks instead of just one. So, that is 5 pairs of socks. Plus Jer's, plus mine, plus Emily's (not actually started yet), plus Avast, plus the Modern Quilt Wrap yarn I ordered last week (it's backordered, I can wait). It saddens me, but I'm pretty sure that my Tangled Yoke will be waiting until after Christmas.

It's good to knit for other people. It is. It really is.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I did it

I watched a 3 minute clip on YouTube and learned how to magic loop. I'm not sure if it's going to be my prefered method, but it's working nicely for the toddler sleeve thus far.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Not excited

My knitting isn't exiciting me much at the momment. I have 12 inches of stocking stitch over 218 stitches on Avast, it's long and tedious, but the yarn is SO SO SO SO SO nice. My SIL (Jen) has requested a pair of felted slippers so I'm halfway through them, quick and easy but for some reason I'm not enjoying them very much (they are pretty though), I haven't taken any pictures. My MIL has also asked my to do a pair for her MIL (Jer's grandma), they are going to be some weird looking slippers I tell you. Her feet are very swollen from lymph node removal 30 years ago, one more so than the other so these slippers are going to be highly modified. Not my strong suit as I haven't ever really modified a pattern before, except for adding length so we'll see what sort of freakish footwear we end up with. The other project is Jer's socks, I'm so slow, but I have to finish them.

I started a pair of Monkeys with the July Booty Club yarn and I'm really glad I frogged the first pattern because I like this so much more. I've done 2 and a half repeats on the leg and I'm stopping until I get my Knit Picks order, the needles I'm using are not anywhere near pointy enough and I can't seem to locate another pair of 2.75mm needles, although I'm sure I have some.

And, my other SIL was here the other day looking at my Pink Granite Monkeys and loved them, she wants some. So I gave her the URL and she proceed to try and order them and SHIPPING TO CANADA COST TWENTY DOLLARS!!!!!!! The yarn itself costs $20, I really don't understand how they find it acceptable to charge people $20 for shipping. There has to be another way. I'm going to email them.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Yesterday was good. My cake was done at a decent hour on Friday night and delivered to the party house in the morning. I was happy with it, and everyone else seemed to be as well.

The Knitters Fair was bigger than I thought it would be. So many interesting things to look at, touch, squeeze and buy. My completely unorganized path here there and everywhere intersected with the Yarn Harlot a number of times. Cool. I bought a ball winder, which I love whole-heartedly and 2 skeins of sock yarn - Smooshy and Cherry Tree Hill. I also bought 2 skeins of Koigu to make myself a syncopated cap. And I met Angela from Red Corset designs to buy my awesome DPN holder. And that's it, no one really brought any Rowan with them that I was able to see, so I didn't get yarn for my sweater or my mom's wrap (still kind of thinking about that one). I have enough on my plate right now, include 2 slipper orders from family so maybe I'll wait a bit.

Friday, September 7, 2007

I want

I really want to do the Modern Quilt Wrap for my Mom. She is a quilter and I think she would really like it. You can get 2 wraps out of 1 purchase they say, but would I really knit this twice. Maybe.

I've just finished the cake for the baby shower tomorrow, and the MIL has the Baby Surprise Jacket to put with the car seat that we group purchased. I hope Kirsten likes both of them.

Now I'm going to knit (something) and then go to bed. Big day at the Knitters Fair tomorrow! Then the shower after that. Ahhhh, a kid free day. Mostly.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


It took me about 20 minutes, but I just moved all of my posts from my knitting blog on Vox over to here. I can't put my finger on it, but I just don't like it there.

It's late now, but maybe this weekend I'll add the pictures and the rest of the tags. Until then, good night.

If you stumble across this, by Ravelry name is greenerknits, and my LJ name is greener. Creative aren't I?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Finishing things feels good sometimes.

I (finally) finished the Ella Sweater and gave it to Jen last night. Perfect timing, she is seeing Matt and Tanya and the baby today. I really hope they like it. The BSJ is ABB. Don't you love acronyms that you don't understand. All but buttons, I bought buttons this afternoon, and will sew them on tonight and block it, hopefully it will be dry enough to take to my MIL's on Friday so she can put it with the car seat that we bought off the registry.

Now I'm back to Avast. I measured Jer last night and I'l be knitting the L (44 in) for him and probably adding a little bit of extra length, we'll see. I'll need to pick of 3 more balls of the Silkroad Tweed.

And where am I going to get this yarn from? Well, I'm going to try and control myself at the Knitter's Fair on Saturday. I NEED to pick up the Silkroad, and the Felted Tweed for MY Tangled Yoke Cardigan. There was a scarf/stole pattern on the Knitting Daily email the other day that I'm thinking about doing for my mom, it sort of whispered MOM! to me when I looked at the picture so I may get that too, depending on prices and everything of course. And there will more than likely be sock stash enhancement, how can I not. It's going to be a dangerous place.

It's nice to not have to worry about getting the BSJ done, since I have the cake to do on Friday too. I'll have an assitant for the baking process. I'm looking after my friends 5 yr old while Mom drives Dad to his vasectomy. Good thing she likes to bake.

Maybe I'll find something else to finish. I'm sure there is something.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Or maybe not..

So, after some post office stalking on Thursday afternoon, I got my BMFA order. I got a little done on Friday, a lot done yesterday, and somewhere inbetween today. The BSJ is so fun, and the STR is fabulous as usual, the colour is very cute. I actually like a little bit of pooling with my varigated yarn, so I'm missing that a little.

So that's really my main focus right now, I haven't the heart to frog anything yet, but I'm sure it's coming. Damn socks.

The Waterloo County Knitters Fair is on Saturday. Anyone want to come with me? My friend (that knits) will be nursing her post-vasectomy day 1 husband, and my mom will be on her way to Chicago. So that one, I guess I'm going by myself then on to the shower with my pretty little BSJ. I may have to buy some yarn to drown my lonely sorrows, for a Tangled Yoke cardigan maybe?