Thursday, January 3, 2008

A New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

We had a very nice Christmas, and although I have been horribly sick since Christmas day we have managed to complete all of the family/friend obligations and now I get a few days to rest. Ha! Right. The husband is back at work and there are 3 children here

My 2008 has started with some squishy yarn mail that I was waiting for! First, yesterday came both my December Booty Club package AND my purchase from the Yarn Pirates Etsy update she did shortly before Christmas.

The December yarn is a Merino/Tencel blend called Icicle. I'm sure that one day I will get to it, but since I'm just now knitting with the August shipment, it's not going to be anytime soon.

From the Etsy shop, I bought her Christmas colourway, Hawthorne, for some Christmas socks for next year and an overdye called Prehistoric which I love! I pulled it out of the envelope and my 4 year old said "It looks like a dinosaur!"

Then today, I got my sock yarn shipment from Sundara's Season Yarn club. My season is Autumn and the December yarn is called Mossy. It's even prettier than the pictures I snuck peeks at on Ravelry.

To close out the FO 2007 file, I realized that you have not yet seen the lovely Anemoi. I would totally make another pair of these mittens, my first ever mittens actually. They were such fun to knit, and they are warm and cozy and match both my coats perfectly! (one green, one brown)

And, pair #3 of the IL socks are also done and in the hands of the grateful recipient. They are Retro Rib Socks from Favorite socks knit in Socks That Rock mediumweight colour, Mystic Kelp. They did some strange striping and pooling, but turned out nicely.

And my favourite parts, the bottoms!

Plans for 2008, well first I have to finish the last 2 IL socks, they are another pair of Monkeys and another Retro Rib. A matching pair of slippers for my Dearest, a second pair of slippers requested by my SIL. I'm going to TRY to somewhat keep up with the Rockin' Sock Club, but I don't know. Avast needs to be finished (this sweater is haunting me!) and my Tangled Yoke needs to be finished, the sleeves are done. Sounds like enough doesn't it! But what I really want to do in 2008 is a lace project, something from Anne Hanson of Knitspot. But I must finish the lingering projects first!

What about you, do you have big knitting plans for 2008?

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