Monday, October 6, 2008

Hats for Boys

Late last winter the big boy (8), asked me for "a hat with flappy things hanging down". I promised him I would find a pattern and knit him one.

Well, I found such a pattern, by one of my favourite bloggers tiennie knits. It's the Norwegian Star earflap hat, and he absolutely loves it.

It's knit with Cascade 220 in two shades of blue, on 4.5mm needles. The pattern is great, well written with both a childs size and adult size. It knits up very quickly too. I used just under 1/2 of the skein of Navy for this hat and because big brother had such a cool hat, Small Boy (almost 5) wanted one too. I used a 4.0mm needle for his hat, just to make it bit smaller. Worked perfectly. He is equally enamoured with his new lid. Now trying to decide if The Girl needs one too.

Mommy, I'm tired of standing here!

These hats conclude my sad participation in Project Spectrum, and I'm not quite sure how Socktoberfest is going to go since there is still a sleeve left on the September (now also October) Lady sweater. Then, I HAVE TO finished the Vintage socks. Have. to.

And RSC package arrived last week too...stop now if you don't want to see it. Love love love.


sue said...

Those hats look wonderful.

tiennie said...

Great job on the hats! The looks so cute on your boys! Thanks for the nice words! :)

Heather said...

Thank you both.