Sunday, January 4, 2009

The last of the '08 finished knits

I was hoping that there would be more, but the Christmas knitting that I normally wouldn't do (it's that selfish knitter in me) put a kink in the works.

First, the Christmas knitting. My SIL, she of the pointy heels that loves the felted clogs and is on her third pair in a year, asked if I would make some for her two boys, 8 and (almost) 7. She traced their feet for me and said the big one wants red/blue and the smaller one wants orange/blue. Done.

I found a good red/navy combo Patons Classic Wool, my felted clog staple, but couldn't find an orange I liked. So I waited until I could take a trip to The Needle Emporium to look at the Cascade 220. In the mean time, the Nephew clogs, red version, came to be.

I found an appropriate orange in the Cascade, but for some reason failed to buy a contrasting blue, so I went BACK to Michaels and bought a blue Classic Wool all while crossing my fingers that they would felt properly together.

I once again failed to take a picture of the felted result before wrapping them up for the boys (with something fun too, don't worry), so, use your imagination. So yes, as someone has now called me in my Ravelry notebook, I am the queen of the felted clog. And, I need to make more. Mine have a hole in the bottom, and my big boy would like some. Sigh.

Now, on to the pretty. As I have said before, my (other, knitting) SIL and I were knitting Moderne Baby Blankets for her (and Jer's) cousins twin boys that were due in January. Wellllll, they arrived early, in November so we had to crank it up so they could be done in time for the new Grandparents to take them out west when they went on January 1st. We did it!

Jen's has the blue and mine is the brown. We used Knit Picks Swish DK, two colours the same, two colours different. Fraternal blankets for fraternal boys, similar, but different.

I'm happy with the result, even if my colour choice was questioned at first, the red looked much more orange on my monitor when I picked the colours. But I think the blanket looks great and I hope that either Dylan or Aiden is kept nice and cozy in it. Hopefully they will be home from the hospital very very soon!

So that was it. I was hoping to have my CPH done, but that didn't happen, oh well. I have big incentive to finish it as my lovely husband bought me the pattern and Mountain Mohair to make Gytha from the Winter Twist Collective and I can hardly wait!


sue said...

Those blankets look fantastic, and I really like both colors of the blankets. You must be a whizz at making those felted clogs. I have the pattern too, just need to get the needles out to knit some up.

tiennie said...

Those projects are cool! One of these days, I'm going to have to knit up a blanket. Happy 2009 to you!

TracyKM said...

I came here through one of your projects on Ravelry....
The blankets are great!
I also love knitting the clogs. I've also had a hard time finding a feltable 'nice' orange. First for a ice scraper mitt with flames, then for a pair of orange/purple clogs for my neice. It's surprising that Classic Wool doesn't have a 'good' orange. I ended up buying from Headwaters Wool, which is local to me (Orangevile). I have also dyed wool using Easter Egg colours to get a bright orange :)