Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ahhh, vacation

We have recently finished a nice little mid-summer vacation. Jer was able to get a nice chunk of time off again this summer and has (again) successfully packed full of stuff to do. The best part of all, was the trip to a cottage we rented (it belongs to a colleague of Jer's).

a modest little place

We were there for a week, joined for the first part by friends of ours from out west who were here technically visiting his mom, but they actually spent more time with us. It was so great, they have a 14 month old little boy and are pregnant again, they are such easy friends and we had a wonderful time. The second part of the week was spent with friends from home and their 2 little boys (6 and 2.5). A little louder than the first part of the week, but just as much fun.

I packed a few different projects to take along, covering different yarn weights and pattern difficulty. A couple of socks (I'm have trouble starting my second Fraggle Squiggle sock), My honeybee stole, and Shawl that Jazz. Well, I started on StJ in the car and made excellent progress on the 3+ hour drive up north and didn't really stop all week. I had finished a good portion of the body by the time we got home and have been working on it pretty steadily ever since. I started on the edging a couple of days ago, phew, those are long rows! Needless to say the other knitting I brought with me, never made it out of the bag. I'm using my BMFA Twisted, In the Navy and I'm loving it! It should be done soon, I hope.

Shawl that Jazz on the deck

Before we left I started, and finished, a pair of Monkey socks for a good friend. She has tried knitting, but the tightness of her knitting makes her tense and she is pretty wound up to begin with, she has been asking (jokingly) for some socks so a few weeks ago I pulled out some Yarn Pirate colourways I would be willing to part with and she chose one, BFL Soltice. If these socks had fit me, they would have been very hard to part with, lucky Julie and her giant feet.

Now I need to finish my Fraggle socks, and make some decisions on colours for the baby knitting that needs to start in September.

I love vacation.

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JessaLu said...

Great socks - and beautiful vacation photos!