Friday, February 12, 2010


Catsup, or catch-up. This time, I think catch-up is the appropriate term. So here, as succinctly as I can, the knitting that finished up 2009.

After the Tulip baby set, which I now get to give to my NIECE born January 11, 2010, I knit In Season the Rockin' Sock Club July 2009 kit pattern in the Garden Daze colourway. I'm kind of meh about these socks. I named them the ugly socks when I was knitting them because I'm not very pleased with the way they striped/pooled this time. I did make the leg longer than the pattern suggested, as I am known to do, and still had lots of yarn leftover. I wear them, but they are not my first choice.

Next up was Kristi because I wanted to, and because I was going to The Needle Emporium knitting camp and was going to meet and take classes from Cookie A herself. It was awesome and so much fun.

Jen and I and Cookie

I had one sock done before camp and worked on the other one there. They are made with Malabrigo sock in the Persia colourway and they are spectacular! I'm not wearing them, because I'm thinking they will probably be my fair entry this year.

Next there was a hat for a little girl. We were going away for the weekend with some friends (no kids!) and I wanted something for the car and for sitting around chatting and drinking wine that there was little chance of me messing up too much. Elizabeth Zimmermann's Very Warm Hat fit the bill perfectly and by the time we got home, my girl had a new hat.

The pink side

and the purple side

I finally, after it sitting around for a few months, sewed down the neckband hem on the Seamless Hybrid for Jer. He has been wearing it quite a bit and it looks amazing. I am very happy with it. It is made with a lot of grey Cascade 220, all the details on the Rav page

Next, almost done, I promise, was Knetted by Cat Bordhi. The September 2009 RSC kit in mediumweight colour River Rocked. This was another pattern from this years club I didn't particularly care for, well, the cedar architecture anyway. The colourway is amazing though.

Christmas gifts. I actually knit a few Christmas gifts this year. I did a pair of felted clogs for Jer's receptionist, but didn't take a picture. They're red and black, use your imagination. There was a Turn a Square by Jared Flood for my brother out of Cascade 220 and Noro Silk Garden.

There were two pairs of socks for my boys. I knit them toe-up with a flap heel and 2x2 ribbed legs with Patons Kroy. They are both pretty happy with their new socks.

Lastly, I made a bunch of little washcloths for the (at the time) soon to arrive baby. They were fun and really cute. You can see them all on my Ravelry page. There are 7 of them, all with a cute little picture.

And that brings us to the end of 2009, with one exception, and I'll get to that. Soon, I hope.

The most exciting thing right now is Vancouver 2010. We leave next Thursday for 5 days, 3 events. I'm crazy with excitement.

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