Monday, June 4, 2007

My new obsession with socks

So here's the deal. I'm knitting Jade STR Jaywalkers for my mom, she needs to try it on, I don't think I can start the toe yet. I'm not sure if I like the wearablitly of them, they don't have much stretch. We'll see when she tries them on tomorrow. There may be a frogging in my future. I'm also knitting a pair of Go With The Flow socks from Interweave with some Fleece artist, I love them but they are for the SIL. She also needs to try them, but she doesn't know I'm making them, difficult. I have a sock yarn hoard, it's not quite a stash yet, but I'm getting there. I have some Charcoal STR and Trekking in some colour for Jer, I bought some mediumweight STR Pink Granite from ebay, and I just this morning got 2 colours of Lorna's Laces from Ebay. I'm bad.

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