Sunday, October 21, 2007

She gets it

My SIL gets it. She's a non-knitter (but thinking about learning) and she totally gets it.

She was here on Friday night, to felt her slippers and decided on a sock pattern for her STR, and we were looking in the sock yarn bin and I was showing her my lovelies and the STR that they ordered. She squeezed and petted and rubbed them on her cheek, no prompting. Not even a flinch or a weird look when I said I was thinking of keeping one of the sock yarns as a pet.

My husbands sister, she rocks.

AND! Her neighbours cleaning lady raises Alpacas, has them shorn twice a year and pays some one to spin it. She sells some (basically to cover the cost of making it) and donates some to McMaster Childrens Hospital for volunteers to make blankets for the premies that they can take home. So, Jenn is going to get me some and I will make a blanket for a tiny baby. A warm soft cozy blanket, an alpaca blanket. I'm very excited about this. Now I just need to figure out what pattern to do...

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Emily said...

Last spring we took the kids to Planting Day at a local park that is also a working farm. There was a lady there with the most beautiful, sweet and loving angora rabbit there. She combs the rabbit's fur and spins it into wool.

The rabbit was almost like a dog, friendly, charming, sweet and affectionate. The wool was so soft. SO SO soft.