Monday, March 17, 2008

Nothing like a good block

I finished the scarf for my brother's wife this weekend. It was a really quick, easily memorized pattern resulting in a very nice scarf. It could be a bit a longer, if I had more wool. The length is pretty good though, it's around 58in.

The pattern is Crest of the Waves Scarf by Judy Jacobs and I used Misti Alpaca Worsted. With it being a worsted weight I decided to do a somewhat lacey scarf a)to take full advantage of the yardage and b)to make it a little less warm since L tends to wear her scarf all day, inside and out. We don't want to boil the girl. I liked the look of the scarf before I blocked it, but it's amazing now.

I didn't do the tassels or beads on the ends, I'm kind of anti-tassel. I think she probably is too, again because of the wear the scarf all day issue. And I've never seen her wearing a scarf with tassels.

I hope she likes it!

This week - zipper, egg basket, and button bands.

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tiennie said...

It's so lovely! Lucky girl!