Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yarn-mail Wednesday

Well, actually it was Monday, but it's squishy yarn mail none-the-less.

I came home from taking Small Boy to school Monday afternoon to find THREE squishy packages on my doorstep. So very exciting.

The first one I opened was my long awaited Kidsilk Haze from Webs. The last I spoke to them there was still one colour backordered and I asked them to please ship what they had. It's so lovely, I hope my Mom will like the Modern Quilt Wrap, she should.

Today I called a fairly local shop and they have the colour that I'm waiting for. They didn't have it 2 weeks ago when I was there, but oh well. So it's going out in the mail tomorrow.

Next was Vintage. This thing has me scared. It's going to marinate for awhile before I tackle it. My SIL is going to help me with leaves (Right?). She just learned to knit in October and recently finished her first socks and got her Ravelry invite yesterday! We got the Claret colourway for my red wine drinking MIL.

Then I opened the February Booty Club package. Yowsa! It will make a scarf for my Girl for next winter. It's called "I Want Candy" and it's the Merino/Tencel yarn. This came only about 2 weeks after the January shipment arrived, and man do I love Kalamata!

I Want Candy!


Finally, I 1/1 for RSC socks! Serendipity aka Dragon Scales is done. I'm not sure how I feel about the toe, I'll have to wear them a bit to pass judgement. It was a great pattern to knit though. The only thing I changed was to add another 1/2 repeat to the leg, I'm not a fan of short socks.

That's all for now. Still plugging away on the seaming for Avast, I should do that this afternoon, and I have finished the chart for the yoke of Tangled Yoke. I'm a little concerned about fit over the boobage, but we'll see.

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tiennie said...

Oohh... lovely socks and yarn!