Monday, February 18, 2008

Attention everyone

Attention! Avast is blocking! Yes that's right, I finally finished knitting the giant grey thing. And when it is dry, I will seam the sleeves and the hems, find a zipper and figure out how to attach the darn thing. It looks quite spiffy all pinned out on the floor, if I do say so myself.

Here it is, in it's 62 inch wingspan glory.

Also this weekend, another item checked off the to be finished list, the second pair of Monkeys for SIL. Modelled by my rather slim 7 year old son whose feet are much too small for these socks.

These were made with STR mediumweight in Metamorphic with 2.25mm Knit Picks DPNS. I'll see her next weekend, hopefully she likes them as much as she does the Pink Granite pair.

And, well, because I'm weak and I was happy to have finished knitting Avast, I finished the first sock of the RSC January shipment. I added another 1/2 repeat to the leg and by weight I should have plenty of yarn left for the second sock. I don't like short socks. These are great socks. Again, modelled by big boy, 7, who keeps asking if these are for him "because I REALLLLLLLLY like this colour Mommy."

And, lots of knitting this week, Tangled came out of time out. Turns out all it needed was a few days of sitting in it's basket to find the error of it's ways, and now it's behaving nicely. It still takes about an hour to do one of the cable rows, but I'm getting there. The next row has a 5->1 DECREASE! WOOHOO! Sorry, no pictures yet.

Tomorrow, we celebrate the first ever Family Day holiday. Hopefully this freezing rain will turn to snow and maybe we will go sledding for a bit.

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