Friday, February 1, 2008

Caution: RSC January picture at end of this post

Long time no blog! But do you really want to read about me still working on two cardigans at the same time? I don't know who's brilliant idea that was, but it's getting me down I tell you. Avast aka the Giant Grey Thing, needs it's front bands and bottom band done and I'm almost to the fun part of Tangled Yoke, the cabled yoke.

I did finish something though. Because I just had too, and I knew there was new sock yarn in my future. My Calamity Charades. They make my feet very happy. From the August Yarn Pirate package, "Calamity" BLF. Nice socks, and quick knitting when I actually worked on them. Just over 2 weeks total knitting time, with a 2 week break in between the 2 socks.

Oooo! I almost forgot. I made two cakes this week too. The first was last Saturday for the Baby Girls birthday party (her birthday was the 5th). It's a castle for Ponies and I think she really liked it. The bottom layer is the only edible portion, I used a styrofoam cake dummy for the round on the top because I really didn't need that much cake. We had quite a bit leftover as it was.

I did another cake yesterday for my Dad. He was curling last night and my mom wanted to surprise him there with a cake when everyone was done. He was very surprised.

The little curling rocks are made out of rolled fondant, and are, I think, my favourite part. I tried to get them all about the same size so I used a 1/2 tsp measuring spoon, they're about the size of a quarter in diameter. The whole cake wasn't to scale, so I figured it would be OK if the rocks were a little big. Everyone loved it.

And the reason I'm trying to finish all these things, other than there are too many and it's stressing me out? My first Rockin Sock Club package. It arrived in record time, so much faster than anything I have ordered from them before. Six days. Six. I'm still waiting for my Yarn Pirate, this will be day 15 for that one. Anyhow, it's a snow day today so I'm going to bake with my boys and do something fun. Maybe toss them in the backyard for awhile.
And here, is 'Dragon Dance' So out of my box, but so pretty. And making me think about Project Spectrum.


Lolly said...

that curling cake it *amazing*!
i love the STR too ;)

Heather said...

Thank you Lolly!

tiennie said...

Lovely socks! Those cakes are too sweet!

CorporateMonkey said...

that RSC colorway is awesome! i like it even more than this month's YP! I gotta look into that club!