Friday, May 16, 2008

RSC March Kit

It took me awhile to get to it, but my March RSC socks are done. Leafling, by JC Briar. STR mediumweight, Lucky.

Once I started, they worked up really quickly. I was glad I didn't start them right away and learned that there were sizing issues from those that went before me. So I knit the small, something I never would have done on my own. Yet another YEA RAVELRY momment. I love the dotted leaf pattern that runs up the front of the sock, even though I never did commit it to memory.

The other thing I love about this sock, the heel. It was fun different, and fits my foot perfectly! And so nice and squooshy too.

The next installment should be shipping next week. Hopefully the mailman isn't too afraid to deliver it after last time.

I've done a few more leaves this week for Vintage, I need to get cracking on that a little more. And, I started Icarus, I'm into my second repeat of chart 1, so far so good. I'm using my Sundara Silk Lace from the first seasons club mailing, it's so so pretty. I'm thinking about starting Hedgerow socks with some Sundara Sock yarn tonight, we'll see. I might just do some leaves. So, it might be awhile until I have another FO post! I'll have to stick in some WIP post's I guess. I will have a cake to show you soon though, I'm doing a cake for a Victoria Day party this long weekend.

Mmmmm, Cake.


ange said...

Is this pattern available to the public yet? You did a fantastic job!

tiennie said...

I really like these!

How weird - I'm working on Hedgerows right now!