Sunday, June 1, 2008

The best laid plans

My plan today was to blog about all my unfinished Project Spectrum Elements: Earth projects. But, I left my camera at my parents last night (I kind of feel like I've lost an arm) and I have no photos of said projects. They are, Hedgerow socks, Icarus shawl, and the leaves from Vintage Socks. All very earthy, all very unfinished. It's probably against the rules, but I'm thinking about extending Earth through Air, since the Air element isn't really my thing and I don't have stash that matches and I'm not going to go buy Air yarn. So my Earth, may just continue.

But for today, a non knitting PS:Earth photo, in the shape of a very noisy frog who sat on our pool shed for a very long time being very noisy.

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tiennie said...

I had plans to finish up stuff too but oh well. Great picture of the frog!