Friday, July 13, 2007

knitting knitting knitting

Well, Go With the Flow are finished and looking lovely on the feet of Jen. I was very happy with the way they came out and would use that pattern again. And of course you can't finish a pair of socks with out starting another, so I have started some Monkeys, with a picot cuff. One, I'm not sure if I like the picot functionally, it looks great but kind of floppy, and two, I've turned the heel and started the foot, but I'm thinking of ripping back to the leg and adding another (6th) repeat. I'm pretty sure I'm going to actually. I also have a pair of socks for Jer in Trekking that I'm cruising along on. They are a 2x2 rib and I knit them while the boys are in the pool or we're just sitting around, they're my upstairs socks/car socks.

I'm starting to try and figure out what I'm taking with me when we go on vacation next week. Monkey will come if it's not finished, Jer's socks, the Lorna's Laces to try some toe up, the poncho I've decided to make with the lovely Artyarns, and the Mystery Stole. Plus Order of the Phoenix and Half Blood Prince to re-read before I get home and can dive right in to Deathly Hallows. Think that's enough?

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