Thursday, August 9, 2007

Finished Monkeys

I finished my Monkeys last night. I love them love them love them. I'll make another pair in a lighterweight yarn these are thick and warm and cozy. Good for boots and around the house. They're awesome.

My Bee kit arrived. The wool is beautiful, and the pattern frightens me a little. I'm going to have to take some time to work myself up for it.

I have a couple of Daisies still to sew on the Ella sweater, they take so long and are rather tedious I do one, a day and there are 8 all together. I'd really rather knit.

So now that the Monkey is off my back, what to start now? I'd like to do a sweater but I don't have supplies for that right now. So I think I might go back to the toe up attempt I started/frogged at the cottage. We do have another road trip this weekend to spend Saturday night at a friends cottage......

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