Friday, August 3, 2007

Cast on Urge

I'm feeling the need to start something. Probably because I am close to finishing a couple of things, and god forbid you actually finish something. Fortunatly these are commissioned gifts, so I MUST finish.

The button bands and collar are done on the Ella sweater, it needs seamed, and the daisies sewn on, and buttons of course. I was hoping to have it finished for Jen this weekend, but that may not happen. Why might it not happen, well because one night this week I chose to knit MS3 instead, so now I am halfway through clue 3. Clue 5 came out today and there are interesting things happening I tell you. I'm going to trust Melanie and go with the pattern, as written. My Bee Fields kit has apparently been shipped, they have shipped up to #10196 and I'm 10189. The rectangular stole version should be available (the pattern) next week. I may have to horde that too. I must not cast on Bee Fields when it arrives. I'm not ready yet.

What I want to do are 2 baby surprise jackets. I got an invitations to Jer's cousins baby shower yesterday, and I would like to make one for her baby, my friend in Vancouver is having another baby and I would like to make one for her too. They are such fun. I'm thinking of some STR heavyweight or Artyarns Supermerino. We'll see, I need to find out if either of them know what kind of baby they are having before I go buying wool.

And it's family camp this weekend. I'm probably just going to bring socks to knit. Hopefully to finish Monkey so I can start something with my new Yarn Pirate Booty Club yarn. I LOVE IT!

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