Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Starting vs Finishing

OK, in contrast to last week, I now have a finishing bug. Which I guess is better than a starting bug, although, the startitis is still there and could rear it's ugly head at any moment. My BMFA order should be here early next week so that gives me the weekend to finish up a few things before I go hog wild on the BSJ (I'm so excited about knitting another one!). Jer is working this weekend so theoretically I should be able to get a fair bit done. Jen is in Germany, and my goal for finishing the ever-present Ella Sweater is when she returns. Then I can give her the sweater and her dog all at once. The embroidery is paining me, it really is, I need to JUST DO IT! Julia's poncho that has been my car knitting is also in the 'almost' state. It's half-way cast off and needs trim and a hood. These 2 I hope to finish this weekend.

I didn't start any new socks after I finished the monkeys. Well that's not entirely true, I knit the toe of the toe-ups for the 5th (6th?) time and I think I may have it right this time. Still tryng to decide what to do with Rum Runner and the new club colour is being mailed this week!

I've also stalled a bit on MS3, I'm not all that enthused over the wing. I've been doing a few (10 maybe) rows almost everyday and I'm about halfway through clue #4. I need to go look at some pictures of winged stoles. I've considered frogging it and knitting Hanami instead.

The project I would like to start? Either Jer's Avast or a Tangled Yoke Cardigan (Interweave Fall 2007) for me Rowan Felted Tweed in Herb. I actually dreamed about it last night. I need to call Lettuce Knit next week and see about the yarn for Avast, it's been a month and if they can't get it for me I'm going to have to go elsewhere. I need it.

Today, there is a cake to be decorated for Jer's Uncle's birthday tomorrow. It's in the oven right now.

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