Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Not excited

My knitting isn't exiciting me much at the momment. I have 12 inches of stocking stitch over 218 stitches on Avast, it's long and tedious, but the yarn is SO SO SO SO SO nice. My SIL (Jen) has requested a pair of felted slippers so I'm halfway through them, quick and easy but for some reason I'm not enjoying them very much (they are pretty though), I haven't taken any pictures. My MIL has also asked my to do a pair for her MIL (Jer's grandma), they are going to be some weird looking slippers I tell you. Her feet are very swollen from lymph node removal 30 years ago, one more so than the other so these slippers are going to be highly modified. Not my strong suit as I haven't ever really modified a pattern before, except for adding length so we'll see what sort of freakish footwear we end up with. The other project is Jer's socks, I'm so slow, but I have to finish them.

I started a pair of Monkeys with the July Booty Club yarn and I'm really glad I frogged the first pattern because I like this so much more. I've done 2 and a half repeats on the leg and I'm stopping until I get my Knit Picks order, the needles I'm using are not anywhere near pointy enough and I can't seem to locate another pair of 2.75mm needles, although I'm sure I have some.

And, my other SIL was here the other day looking at my Pink Granite Monkeys and loved them, she wants some. So I gave her the URL and she proceed to try and order them and SHIPPING TO CANADA COST TWENTY DOLLARS!!!!!!! The yarn itself costs $20, I really don't understand how they find it acceptable to charge people $20 for shipping. There has to be another way. I'm going to email them.

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