Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm in a funk

I'm in a funk today. Not sure why, but I just want to knit and be left alone. That's it.

I've been surprisingly monogamous in my knitting this week. Well, not monogamous really, but only two projects for the most part. Most of my time has been spent on the Rum Running Monkeys

One is finished, and I turned the heel on the second this afternoon. I've been focusing on these because they are easy and quick and I don't need the pattern anymore. So, five foot repeats and a toe and I have another pair of socks. I really like these, I'm glad I frogged the first pattern I tried and did these instead. In addition to the Monkey's I've been trying to do at least 5 rows of Avast everyday, that takes close to an hour but, also adds almost an inch to the length. It's growing, slowly but growing.

I really need to go to Ancaster. Maybe I'll go Monday, I'll be dragging Kid Monkey's with me. Pleh, the husband just came in here and said "You're not buying yarn are you? You're cut off from yarn right now!" So maybe I won't go on Monday. Meanie.

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