Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Finishing things feels good sometimes.

I (finally) finished the Ella Sweater and gave it to Jen last night. Perfect timing, she is seeing Matt and Tanya and the baby today. I really hope they like it. The BSJ is ABB. Don't you love acronyms that you don't understand. All but buttons, I bought buttons this afternoon, and will sew them on tonight and block it, hopefully it will be dry enough to take to my MIL's on Friday so she can put it with the car seat that we bought off the registry.

Now I'm back to Avast. I measured Jer last night and I'l be knitting the L (44 in) for him and probably adding a little bit of extra length, we'll see. I'll need to pick of 3 more balls of the Silkroad Tweed.

And where am I going to get this yarn from? Well, I'm going to try and control myself at the Knitter's Fair on Saturday. I NEED to pick up the Silkroad, and the Felted Tweed for MY Tangled Yoke Cardigan. There was a scarf/stole pattern on the Knitting Daily email the other day that I'm thinking about doing for my mom, it sort of whispered MOM! to me when I looked at the picture so I may get that too, depending on prices and everything of course. And there will more than likely be sock stash enhancement, how can I not. It's going to be a dangerous place.

It's nice to not have to worry about getting the BSJ done, since I have the cake to do on Friday too. I'll have an assitant for the baking process. I'm looking after my friends 5 yr old while Mom drives Dad to his vasectomy. Good thing she likes to bake.

Maybe I'll find something else to finish. I'm sure there is something.

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