Sunday, September 2, 2007

Or maybe not..

So, after some post office stalking on Thursday afternoon, I got my BMFA order. I got a little done on Friday, a lot done yesterday, and somewhere inbetween today. The BSJ is so fun, and the STR is fabulous as usual, the colour is very cute. I actually like a little bit of pooling with my varigated yarn, so I'm missing that a little.

So that's really my main focus right now, I haven't the heart to frog anything yet, but I'm sure it's coming. Damn socks.

The Waterloo County Knitters Fair is on Saturday. Anyone want to come with me? My friend (that knits) will be nursing her post-vasectomy day 1 husband, and my mom will be on her way to Chicago. So that one, I guess I'm going by myself then on to the shower with my pretty little BSJ. I may have to buy some yarn to drown my lonely sorrows, for a Tangled Yoke cardigan maybe?

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